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About Melanie

A headshot of Melanie Ernst smiling and wearing a green shirt | Actor, Director, Playwright, Stage Manager in Lynchburg, VA, Tampa FL
Melanie is a creative based out of Lynchburg, VA and enjoys theatre from all angles! Her professional theatre experience includes being onstage,  backstage, in the booth, and behind the page! When not performing or calling cues from the booth, Melanie is probably sitting on her couch in her living room writing an innovative new play.
Some of Melanie’s previous work includes stage managing the National Tour of The Thorn, performing as Cecily Harrington in James River Theatre’s production of Agatha Christie’s Love From a Stranger, and directing and producing her own play PROFILE.
Next Project: find Melanie Stage Managing and Company Managing Cortland Repertory Theatre’s 2023 summer season!

Most Recent: The Thorn - National Tour

Most recently, Melanie Stage Managed a National Tour of The Thorn! The show is beautifully unique as it incorporates aerial arts, fire arts, martial arts, and dance. Many describe the story as The Passion of the Christ meets Cirque Du Solei.

Check out the Live Show and stream the Movie Version at www.thethorn.com.

See Show Photos:

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Written and collaborated
on numerous award-
winning plays.
Stage Manager
SM for national tours, regional
theaters, universitiy
productions, & camps.
Experience directing
collegiate productions,
cabarets, & movement
Recent credits include
the lead in Agatha Christie’s
play Love From a Stranger.
Close up of Melanie Ernst, a playwright and actress from Lynchburg VA and Tampa FL, writing in a notebook